Meet Lenai Stewart

Hey what's going on!!

I put up some training from myself as well as my colleagues that I know will help some figure out
all this online marketing stuff.

But if you are like me, I needed something easy but effective. And many moons ago when I first started

I needed low cost but effective ways to build my business.

This blog is just one of the many I use on blogspot in many of the social sites I am a part of. 

You can see my self hosted blog HERE...

But that's not so important right now...

 If you aren't ready to pay for hosting

Ready to tackle wordpress plugins

buy domain names

learn search engine optimization & keywords

all those bells and whistles 

then you can get started with blogspot..

All you need is a FREE Gmail account..

The cool thing is you can have as many as you want

the SKY is the limit...

Plus, over the years they have added some really cool

features to make your blog look pretty darn good...

Make sure you sign up for my newsletter I have some

webinars coming up where I am going to share how

I use these simple blogs to generate leads for my business.

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See you on the other side!!

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